Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Grandma

My grandma was born in 1947 in Rexburg, ID. She was a twin and weighed 4 lb 1 oz. She spent 6 weeks in an incubator. My grandma grew up on a farm with 2 brothers and 4 sisters. She was the second oldest. She had two pets. Both were run over by the potato truck. She didn't have an allowance but still had to do chores, such as: bringing in wood and coal, feeding chickens, and gathering eggs. Her mom was more strict than her dad. When she was young, she liked to play outside, and play with dolls. They had electricity, but no TV.

Her house was washed away when the Teton Dam broke. (None of her family were hurt.) The house had a porch and an up stairs. First it only had 1 bedroom, but later they added on and made 5 bedrooms.

When Grandma was a teenager she had to be home by 1:00 AM or earlier. Her favorite subjects were math and science. Her first job was picking potatoes. She got 2 1/2 cents per basket.

My grandmother has 7 children. She loves being a mom. Grandma said my mom (Juli) was always happy when she was a baby and slept well. She loved to play with My little ponies and dolls. My mom had an imaginary friend named Michael. My grandma is proud of my mom because she was always nice to people, did well in school, and worked hard to help.

My grandma thinks the new president should set a good example by the way he lives his life. He should take care of the country.

Grandma was 25 when she got married, which was good because she had already graduated from college and got to travel.

Grandma's goal in life is to make the world a better place. She says she has accomplished this because she has such great children.

My grandma is cool and I love her. I wish I could see her every day, but she lives in Idaho.


smash said...

your grandma is great. Great job on your report Em. I'm excited to see you at my wedding.

Kimberly said...

Emily good writing! Should I make a link to this or is this just a one time thing? You should definately keep writing. I loved having you guys come stay at our house this weekend! Kim

rebecca said...

Emily, great job! You're a good little writer. You should keep it up. It was fun to see you at the wedding!